About the General Students‘ Committee of HWR Berlin

By students for students

The General Students‘ Committee (AStA) of Berlin School of Economics and Law is another active body of the student body in addition to the Student Parliament (StuPa). AStA is the executive body of the student body and thus the body responsible for external representation. AStA represents the student „government“ in a narrower sense.

The General Students‘ Committee (AStA) is elected by the students‘ parliament for the legislative period of one semester and in its current form consists of two chairmen, a chief financial officer, and up to 7 additional speakers. The current departments include university policy, social affairs, inter-committee communication, sustainability and two departments each for culture, sports & events and social affairs, diversity & international affairs.

The General Students‘ Committee (AStA) is controlled by the student parliament (StuPa).
It holds, just like the parliament, a meeting once a month. These meetings are generally open to the public, i.e. any member of the university can attend.

At the General Students‘ Committee (AStA) you can apply for subsidies for end-of-semester parties, have the semester ticket fee refunded under certain circumstances or make suggestions to make the university more beautiful or more adequate.

Responsibilities of the General Students‘ Committee (AStA)

Administration of student funds Organization and implementation of student projects in any form
Support in the appointment of committees and commissions of the HWR Inform students about various topics
Advice and assistance in all questions concerning the study Communication and conflict resolution between students
Organisation of cultural or sporting events Making decisions on applications for semester ticket exemptions in question