Urban Gardening

What, How, Why?

We will start in spring 2019! With what? We are making our campus greener! Would you like to join us?
The „Fridays for Future“ movement shows what is really important in life: making our planet future-proof and finally living CO2-neutral!
With the UniGardening project, the AStA wants, with your help to move a little closer to this goal.
The aim of the UniGardening project is to beautify both HWR sites and at the same time to take a step towards more biodiversity and ecological sustainability. Urban Gardening means the use of fallow land in urban residential areas for the planting of useful plants. This has been shown to improve the microclimate and biodiversity. The local production of food can save CO2 emissions through long transport routes. Above all, it is great that the sustainability dimensions: Social, economic and ecological aspects can be reconciled with the help of urban community gardens. In concrete terms, this means that flower and vegetable beds are brought into cities in the form of municipal community gardens. At our campus, we want students to do their utmost to build these gardens and make a small and important contribution to fight against climate change.
You also want to participate? You don‘t know anything about gardening or you are a professional?

Simply contact us at nachhaltigkeitsgruppe@asta-hwr.de
We are happy about everyone who has the desire and time to invest in a sustainable future!

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