Summer Party

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) is one of the most important locations for plural economics teaching and interdisciplinary business studies in Germany. However, the plural and interdisciplinary orientation of Department 1 (Economics) is currently at risk. Heterodox professorships are threatened not to be reappointed, and profile-giving courses as well as contents are threatened to be undermined.

On 13 June 2019, a protest action took place in the backyard of the HWR, organized by students from the three plural Master‘s programmes International Economics (IE), Labour Policies and Globalization (LPG) and Political Economy of European Integration (POLEI). The aim was to make the displeasure of many students about the current developments at the HWR public. At a summer party – including good music and vegetarian barbecue – students were informed about the threat to the plural and interdisciplinary profile of the university. In various speeches, students*, alumni and representatives of the Plurale Ökonomik network stressed the significance and importance of the university as a place of critical science. A petition for the preservation of the LPG Master – whose continuation is doubtful as of the up-coming semester at HWR – was signed by 170 students and employees of all disciplines.

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