If you would summarize the news of the last months in a few sentences, it would look like this:

As the effects of climate change continue to push into the consciousness of our society, the rainforest burns and the ocean sinks into plastic. Right-wing spreading death lists with no negative impact on AfD survey results – in fact, the recent elections have produced record results for the party. Social inequality and rent prices are rising, much-needed social investment remains weak as the German state governments cuts costs at every opportunity in line with the ‘Schuldenbremse’, while Facebook, Amazon and Co. pay hardly any taxes on their exorbitant profits.

If Jan Hofer (well-known German news anchor) were to rattle off these facts in his best 8pm news-an-chor voice, we probably wouldn‘t even be surprised. Bad news has become all too common. We see too few answers to too many pressing questions. The invisible hand of the market was suppo-sed to eliminate its self-inflicted chaos, and policy-makers have been reduced to standing on the sideline. The result is a mar-ket economy that has long ceased to create prosperity for all and seems equally as incapable of addressing global challenges.

We should therefore not stay in line and remain silent. We must realise that social structures are not without alternatives. If we get involved and organise ourselves, we can make a difference. We are many, we are more! Movements such as Fridays4Future, Unteilbar and Ende Gelände have already proven this and we need to continue to build on these successes. The 250.000 demonstrators at the Unteilbar demonstration have not disappeared, nor will they suddenly change their minds overnight. The Fridays4Future movement, even if the hype should fade away in a few months, has already shaped a whole generation that does not agree with our cur-rent way of life.

We are at a turning point, and we decide where to go. So, stand up for the topics close to your heart!

Get engaged! Connect yourselves!

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