In the social media I often come across articles that are mainly about people missing their friends. But I re-ally like being alone. Almost always, when I spend time with several people, I wish my togetherness with my bed and me back after just 1-2 hours. I love nothing more than waking up in the morning knowing that I have no plans at all and that I can spend my day watching series on my bed in my pajamas and eating pizza.

I used to wonder from time to time if I should do something with people, after all it is Friday night and everyone is going out to celebrate and I am sitting on my bed burping with the third pizza of the day. Occasionally I started to have doubts about my social skills and the fear of missing something drove me into the stuffy walls of a club where the bass almost burst my eardrum, I scream hoar-se to entertain myself and have to give my last shirt for a beer (maybe not literally, unless the level is right). But now, thanks to the Corona measures, I no longer have the urge to do anything against my will. I can just lie around all day without any sense and don‘t have to talk. I finally have a legitimate reason to be antisocial and keep people off my back.


When the university was still open, my brain was useless after a three-hour lecture on civil procedure and an equally long lecture on land registry law, except for turning on Netflix and preparing a frozen pizza. So the rest of my day consisted only of eating, watching series and sleeping.

But with the online lessons, which are clearly more relaxed, which makes me much less stressed, I still have the motivation to make more out of my day afterwards. So after I have more or less slept in, listened halfway through an online lecture and finally got my brain up to operating temperature after a shower, I start to be really productive. Besides the extremely gifted jingling on my keyboard, I feel much better right away and I can feel my inner Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart coming to life. This is followed by a session on my ukulele. I confidently sing along to some songs of which I only know two or three chords and I start to wonder if my talent is enough for the next casting show. But this fantasy is quickly but brutally destroyed by my roommate who comes into my room: „Ey, since when can you actually NOT play the ukulele?“ he grins at me.

With an annoyed look I throw him out of my room and throw my career plans overboard again, I sit down on my cell phone and browse through the Instagram Feed. All the Influencer* and Instagram models make me complex and for fun I download Photoshop to use the tricks of image editing and also look like a Kylie Jenner. After a few minutes I get bored of just retouching skin blemishes or correcting lighting conditions and I start to use Photoshop properly. From then on, the rest of my life is really just photoshopping Zac Efron into my bed. Carpe diem, I would say.

Written by Kyra Fügart