Submit nominations digitally

The lists with the candidates must be submitted digitally this year. For this purpose, the HWR has set up some rules and a procedure, which will be briefly described here:

Nomination organizer of the List

Each list should designate an nomination organizer. This person will remind everyone of deadlines, organize the nominations and confirmations of all members and send them to the HWR. The nomination organizer is not laid down in the election regulations and can be taken over by several people, but one person is recommended.

Collect people

Candidates must send the nomination organizer an email confirming which committees they are running for and which lists they agree to.
This email must come from the HWR email address. (
This email must contain the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Organisation-Unit (this is Student, Department X)
  • Matriculation number

It is best to use the following template for the email:

email template


Organisation-Unit: Student, Department X (Insert your Department Number where X stands)

HWR-Email Address:

I agree to run as candidate on the list "LISTNAME" for the following Committees: (tick the appropriate with x)

  - [ ] Kuratorium (Board of Trustees)
  - [ ] Akademischer Senat (Academic Senate)
  - [ ] Studierendenparlament (Students Parliament)
  - [ ] Fachbereichsrat 1 – Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Council of department 1)
  - [ ] Fachbereichsrat 2 – Duales Studium Wirtschaft •Technik (Council of department 2)
  - [ ] Fachbereich 2 – Duale Kommission (Technik) (Department 2 - Cooperative Committee Technology)
  - [ ] Fachbereich 2 – Duale Kommission (Wirtschaft) (Department 2 - Cooperative Committee Business)
  - [ ] Fachbereich 2 – Fachkommission Technik (Department 2 - Subject Committee Technology)
  - [ ] Fachbereich 2 – Fachkommission Wirtschaft (Department 2 - Subject Committee Business)
  - [ ] Fachbereichsrat 3 – Allgemeine Verwaltung (Council of department 3)
  - [ ] Fachbereichsrat 4 – Rechtspflege (Council of department 4)
  - [ ] Fachbereichsrat 5 – Polizei und Sicherheitsmanagement (Council of department 5)
  - [ ] Institutsrat Berlin Professional School (BPS) (Council of the Institute BPS)
  - [ ] Zentraler Frauenrat (Central Women's Council)
  - [ ] Frauenrat – Fachbereich 1 (Women's Council - Department 1)
  - [ ] Frauenrat – Fachbereich 2 (Women's Council - Department 2)
  - [ ] Frauenrat – Fachbereich 3 (Women's Council - Department 3)
  - [ ] Frauenrat – Fachbereich 4 (Women's Council - Department 4)
  - [ ] Frauenrat – Fachbereich 5 (Women's Council - Department 5)
  - [ ] Frauenrat – Fachbereich BPS (Women's Council - BPS)

Additionally, I agree that I support all lists, submitted by "LISTNAME" during the Election of 20XX, that I am allowed to support by the electoral rules.

To make it easier for the nomination organizer, it is recommended to use a one email-subject for all candidats (such as approval for candidacy). Send this email to the nomination organizer and their substitutes.

Determine the order

All candidates and supporters must now be compiled in the HWR’s Excel template. This template has several tables, one for each committee.
The “Signature” column does not have to be filled out. (The table comes from the times when it had to be printed.)

Make sure that the support and candidatures match the information in the emails. Anyone who is a candidate on a list automatically supports this list, so does not have to be listed a second time in the support list.

Submit to the HWR

In order to submit the nominations, the nomination organizer sends an email to the electoral committee of the HWR. Do not forget about the candidacy of the nomination organizer.
This email must contain the following attachments:

  • The filled out Excel table as an Excel document
  • The filled out Excel table as a PDF document
  • The emails of all candidates and supporters as PDF documents

To convert the emails to a PDF, you can simply print them out as a PDF document.

Emails can be converted to PDFs in Webmail by clicking Options on the email and then clicking Print.