Regulations for nominations

For which bodies can students nominate?

You can find the most detailed information in the election announcement, but we have an overview here:

List of committees to be occupied by students
  • Board of Trustees (Kuratorium)
  • Academic Senate (Akademischer Senat)
  • Students Parliament (Studierendenparlament)
  • Council of department 1 (Fachbereichsrat 1 – Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
  • Council of department 2 (Fachbereichsrat 2 – Duales Studium Wirtschaft •Technik)
  • Department 2 – Cooperative Committee Technology (Fachbereich 2 – Duale Kommission (Technik))
  • Department 2 – Cooperative Committee Business (Fachbereich 2 – Duale Kommission (Wirtschaft))
  • Department 2 – Subject Committee Technology (Fachbereich 2 – Fachkommission Technik)
  • Department 2 – Subject Committee Business (Fachbereich 2 – Fachkommission Wirtschaft)
  • Council of department 3 (Fachbereichsrat 3 – Allgemeine Verwaltung)
  • Council of department 4 (Fachbereichsrat 4 – Rechtspflege)
  • Council of department 5 (Fachbereichsrat 5 – Polizei und Sicherheitsmanagement)
  • Council of the Institute BPS (Institutsrat Berlin Professional School (BPS))
  • Central Women’s Council (Zentraler Frauenrat)
  • Women’s Council – Department 1 (Frauenrat – Fachbereich 1)
  • Women’s Council – Department 2 (Frauenrat – Fachbereich 2)
  • Women’s Council – Department 3 (Frauenrat – Fachbereich 3)
  • Women’s Council – Department 4 (Frauenrat – Fachbereich 4)
  • Women’s Council – Department 5 (Frauenrat – Fachbereich 5)
  • Women’s Council – BPS (Frauenrat – Fachbereich BPS)

You can only run for committees, support lists for these committees or vote for a committee if you belong to the corresponding group.

For example, a person from Department 1 cannot run for the Council of department 4,
a male or non-binary person from Department 3 may not run for the women’s council of Department 3 and
a person in a dual computer science degree is not allowed to run for the dual commission (economics).

All enrolled students are allowed to run for the board of trustees, the academic senate and the student parliament. Guest and part-time students are excluded from the election.

Anyone who is not allowed to stand for a committee is not allowed to vote for this committee or support candidacies for this committee.

What does it mean to support a candidacy?

The election regulations stipulate that each candidacy needs at least ten supporters to be admitted. Every candidate in a list is automatically a supporter.
If someone stands as an individual candidate, they need nine other people to support this candidacy. If a list of four candidates is submitted, this list needs six additional supporters.

All supporters must be eligible to vote for this committee.

Single or list selection

It doesn’t matter. If you compete individually, you are your own list. This does not make submitting the nomination much easier, as you still have to submit a list of supporters.