AstA-Elections 04.10.2021

Elections will be held on 04.10. Apply at

 What are the advantages of joining the AStA?

  • You are in the AstA for all the concerns of the students
  • You have the opportunity to influence the university and the teaching 
  • You are the first to know how it goes on with attendance events and can even influence it!
  • You can develop your marketing skills, event skills and team leader skills
  • You have the unique chance to become part of a national network and meet many new friends and make contacts!

What positions are there ?!

 Executive Board:

  1. Presidency: Chair for External Affairs
  2. Presidency: Chair for Internal Affairs
  3. Department for Finance


  1. Department for Sustainability
  2. Department for International Affairs
  3. Department for Diversity
  4. Department of Culture and Sport (Schöneberg Campus)
  5. Department for Culture and Sport (Lichtenberg Campus)
  6. Department for University Policy/ Marketing
  7. Department for Internal Committee Communication
  8. Department for External Committee Communication

An expense allowance is paid for the work.

You can find more information here:

Or in the Student Body Moodle course Higher Education Policy:

Or writes: