Representing the interests of students who think and act in a socially ecological way

You‘re using the semester ticket? You study at the HWR because you appreciate plurality?

The Social-Ecological Alliance at the HWR is for students from students. It stands for social and fair cooperation, for more ecological sustainability, democracy and transparency. We have joined together as a group of students because these values are important to us and we want to stand up for an even more supportive society in which every living creature should find its place! This can only be achieved with acceptance, understanding and by taking individual fates, outstanding talents and impairments into consideration. The semester ticket is a solidarity model in which every HWR student pays the same amount and can therefore use public transport at a super low price. We are committed to such models. The gap between rich and poor are already wide enough.

We find plurality particularly important. Therefore, a core topic that is particularly close to our hearts at the moment is the preservation of a plural teaching at the HWR. In economics and social sciences there are heterogeneous, i.e. not only one-sided views and theories. We want to learn diversity in our studies. Not only the common theories chewed by the powerful of the world are enriching, but also those that offer alternatives and inspire us to think further.

What have we as SÖB achieved so far?

• Today there is a language tandem program through the initiative of the SÖB.

• The need for sustainability issues, soft skills and IT skills has been perceived by the university and is to be integrated even more into teaching (at least on paper).

• Within the framework of the initiative of other students, the SÖB has been campaigning for an increase in the wages of student employees. Student wages rose by 1.52 euros.

• The SÖB organized new seminars, like the special seminar „My courageous way“ (seminar for the consciousness extension and strength identification)

• The SÖB sponsored the Plural Economy Festival and also had a stand there.

• The SÖB supported the preservation of the master‘s degree of the „Global Labour University“.

• On the initiative of the SÖB, there will be a UniGardening project starting next semester and a sustainability group in which YOU are also welcome!

• Even such small things as a better traffic light system on Campus Lichtenberg are important to the SÖB and they are committed to it.

What else do we want to achieve?
A lot!

We are committed to an even more social, ecological and democratic HWR! With enthusiasm and passion, we want to make your and our lives a little more beautiful. We would like to represent your university-political topics and stand up for an improvement! You can meet our members in Master‘s and Bachelor‘s degree courses, you can contact them at any time or write to us on FB.

The last elections were very successful for the SÖB. We thank you for your votes! We are represented with 12 seats in the student parliament, with 2 seats in the Academic Senate and with one seat each in the board of trustees, faculty council, central women‘s council and inthe women‘s council, faculty 1. Thank you for your trust! There is a lot for us to do next year.

Here are the points that we have not yet reached, but for which we will continue to work with full vigour:

sustainability should have the highest priority in teaching and in life. We want to create a sustainable planet in which our children‘s children or those of our friends or family can live happily and self-determined!

The new project: „Unigardening“ is to start at Campus Lichtenberg and then move on to Campus Schöneberg. We want to beautify the campus, green it and invite you to chill out there.

Holidays for interns should be compulsory! Our manpower is cheap enough. Also legally interns* actually have vacation.

The expiration of the student contracts!

More personnel in the university administration! They should not have no more time for us students due to stress!

Reduction of semester fees! The semester ticket is a great model, but it is even better and cheaper!

Transparency in the use of AStA contributions! The finances of the AStA are to be made freely accessible for everyone.

With the AStA contributions there should be still more meetings and HWR-Student parties!

Technical deficits in the university rooms should be finally overcome. We demand a modern equipment and sufficient sockets!

We demand a student housing for everyone! We want housing to be affordable for everyone.

We need more group work rooms, especially in Schöneberg. They should also be open on Sundays!

Attendance requirements do not correspond to the desired effect. They should therefore be abolished. During your studies you should have time to learn on your own, to volunteer and to gain your first practical work experience.

All these demands as well as previous achievements have come about through your suggestions and voluntary commitment. What we need always is you! We would therefore be pleased if you continue to turn to us with your ideas and wishes! You can simply join in, contact us and together we can develop and implement our goals!

A good start in this semester!
Your SÖB-Team

If you also feel like joining the SÖB, we are looking forward to every new and committed face.
Feel free to write us on Facebook: