The General Students Committee (AStA)

President (External Affairs)

Florian Straub

As being part of the AStA, I would like to continue on previous projects like the queer community and the better integration of international students into our university. I am very proud to welcome three international students to the team. Furthermore I would like to support students so that they do not feel left alone with their problems. 

I wish to increase the exchange and engagement with students at both campuses. Our university is a democratic place and everyone has the same right to participate. That’s why we must ensure greater transparency and awareness. 

President (Internal Affairs)

Melanie Otto

My goal for this semester is to continue to represent the interests of the students in the best possible way – especially in the current situation . I would like to help them with questions and problems and, together with the newly elected speakers, offer solutions and help them to master their studies in the best possible way. 

Commissioner of Finance (Member of the Board)

Robert Shaw

I am in the AStA because I feel it is important to be involved in the school community. I want to be a vital part in ensuring a great experience for all students and to be a voice that will push to get what is needed. 

It is particularly important to me that we have a solid systematic process in which our funding is well managed and utilized for the students to its fullest extent. 

Commissioner of Higher Education Policy

Helena Kargol

I am in the AStA, because I think being a part of the General Students’ Committee (AStA) is a great way giving back to the HWR, but also being able to help in improving the university from the students point of view to make it more international, inclusive, democrativ and also fun.  

For me it is important to make student politics more known and easy to follow for all of the students. I want to students to be familiar with everything the AStA has to offer. One thing that is very important to me to help students get together, even it is only online. 

Commissioner of Public Relations & Committee Communication

Moana Grothe

I am in the AStA to give you and your interests an important voice, to improve the internal communication and to strengthen the relations of the HWR with other universities. 

I would like to represent the AStA in the best possible way both internally and externally and ensure a smooth communication between the committees. I also want to promote direct contact with the student body and communicate and implement their concerns in the best possible way. 

Commissioner of Social Matters, Diversity and International Affairs (Campus Schöneberg)

Ishita Naithani

True strength lies in differences, not in similarities. Coming from a nation that prides itself on secularism and cultural diversity, India, I am someone who deeply believes that inclusion and diversity truly gives value to a human being, no matter our differences. This is especially relevant in today’s time wherein everyone is connected globally through a click of a button.  

As an international business student, I believe this is how exceptional companies mark their way to attract consumers, by being catering to the needs of different communities and cultures. Being part of AStA, I would like to take this opportunity into guiding international students, like myself, and getting them accustomed to the curriculum and life here different from their home country. 

Commissioner of Social Matters, Diversity and International Affairs (Campus Lichtenberg)

Till Roman Hartwig

My goal is to use my human abilities, diplomatic strength, and my cosmopolitan view of humanity in the best possible way to solve the problems of our time through listening, mediation and information exchange. And thereby to create a maximum of added value for our students, our society and our earth.

Commissioner of Sustainability
Dunja Ibrahim

I’m in the AStA, because I want to be a contact person for activists at the HWR and to advocate for a sustainable reorganization of university processes. 

It is especially important to me to raise awareness and promote commitment to sustainability among all university members and thus create a greener university for us and our successors. The HWR should become a place in which environmental protection is not only taught as a concept, but also lived. 

Commissioner of Cultural Activities, Events and Sports (Campus Schöneberg)
Margaux Venet

I am part of the General Students’ Committee (AStA) because I would like to promote Cultural activities, Events and Sports in a way that each student will have the opportunity to socialize, keep an healthy lifestyle and raise his/her cultural knowledge and mindset.

Since the Corona crisis is highly impacting our way of studying and spending our free time, my main focus will be about organizing events to avoid social isolation. On the one side, it could be with online workouts and activities to encourage the students to spend energy. On the other side, cultural events such as going to the Museum islands should be organized while respecting sanitary restrictions. 

Commissioner of Cultural Activities, Events and Sports (Campus Lichtenberg)
Jan Friedich

Dear students,

I am very happy to be responsible for sports and culture at the Campus Lichtenberg this semester. If you have any suggestions or wishes in this regard, please feel free to contact me.

Even in these difficult times I would like to support the community of the students and enable you to get in contact with each other and exchange ideas through various events.

See you soon in Lichtenberg!

Many greetings, Jan