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AstA - What's that?

AstA stands for Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss (General Student Committee). The AstA is elected every semester by the student parliament. The AstA is a university-wide institution that is organised and shaped by the students themselves. 

On the one hand, the AstA represents the interests of all students vis-à-vis the university policy bodies of the HWR, such as the university administration, the academic senate or the departmental councils. 

On the other hand, the AstA offers extensive advisory services for students, organises university sports and negotiates the semester ticket.

Das sind wir! Referent:innen des AstAs der HWR

President (External Affairs)

Julian Dreßler

I am in the AStA because I think it is important to get involved in the university and to represent the interests of students. Especially in the current situation, I would like to offer students a possibility to turn to someone.  For the coming semester, I plan to improve the exchange between AStA and the university and also make existing rules and laws more accessible to students. Together with the newly elected speakers, I hope to be able to support students as much as possible in completing their studies.

Kontakt: J.Dressler@AStA-HWR.de

President (Internal Affairs)

Laura Berger

I am Laura, 21 years old and I am studying International Business Management in the 3rd semester. I am part of the AStA because I want to create opportunities for everyone to enjoy studying together to the fullest also outside of the lectures – especially now that we can finally all meet in person. The reopening of Café Geschmacklos and the planning and implementation of joint events are particularly important to me. I am looking forward to get to know as many of you as possible during the semester!

Kontakt: l.berger@asta-hwr.de

Commissioner of Finance (Member of the Board)

Meldrick Ruf

I’m studying law enforcement and I’m currently in my third semester. I’m the finance guy so to speak, at least for now. I’m bringing my expertise into the office and the goal is to enable the AstA and the others to work and function properly. For more questions or information just talk to me.

Kontakt: m.ruf@asta-hwr.de

Commissioner of Sustainability

Marie Lehmann

I am Marie a first semester student of Öffentliche Verwaltung (public management). After starting my studies this year I wanted to learn more about college/university politics and found out about the general student committee (AStA) via e-mail and none of a sudden I became the current consultant for sustainability. We all know, that this topic is getting more and more important, not only in the society but also in politics and economy. That is why I am happy to be a part of the current AStA team, so that I am able to support the idea of a representing all students of the HWR Berlin and helping the environment at the same time, at least a little bit…

Kontakt: sustainability@asta-hwr.de

Commissioner of Diversity

Alejandro Campos Elicegui

Hello! I’m Alex and I’m studying business administration. Working at the AStA gives me the opportunity to make life easier for students, to better understand the structure of the university and to develop new projects on equality at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. 

The opportunity to fight against discrimination in the HWR and at the same time support programs, such as the Queer Buddy program, enables me to personally help as many students as possible during their studies. I am very happy to be part of the AStA family and to contribute my experience to create a better university. 

Kontakt: diversity@asta-hwr.de

Commissioner of International Affairs

Kiana Hadji Bagher


My name is Kiana and I grew up in Iran and Malaysia. I study International Business Management and I am currently the representative of international affairs at the AStA.

My main objective is to make our international students feel more included, welcomes, and supported. Diversity is about embracing and celebrating one another’s uniqueness.

If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to contact me in English, German or Persian at international@hwr-berlin.de.

Kontakt: international@asta-hwr.de

Commissioner of Cultural and Sport Campus Schöneberg

Kiana Ehmann

Hi everyone, I am Kiana and I am studying International Business Administration Exchange. I became part of the AStA to create possibilities for students to get together and to offer you a balancing time during our sports and culture events. I am looking forward to meeting you at the events! 

Kontakt: Sport.cs@asta-hwr.de

Commissioner of Cultural and Sport Campus Lichtenberg

Gizem Erol

Hey everyone,
my name is Gizem and I´m studying computer science administration.
I am at the AStA because I enjoy getting involved at the university and like how the institution
gives students the opportunity to voice themselves and receive support.
The Field of Sport and Culture are very dear to me. Therefore I want to survive and pull through
well this semester with you together. Exciting activities and a great balance to everyday life await


Commissioner for committee communication with external bodies

Ronja Heymann

Hey, I’m Ronja, 23 years old and I’m studying Political Economy of European Integration in the first semester of my Master’s degree. I am a speaker for the AStA because it is a matter close to my heart to represent your opinion to other colleges, universities and nationwide institutions. Whether it’s your opinion on online teaching, the housing shortage in Berlin or ideas for improving student life, all this needs to be heard. For this reason, I want to engage in conversation with you and realise your ideas with empathy and charisma. In addition, I would like to organise joint activities for you through excellent cooperation with other universities. For me, communication means addressing ideas and challenges in the right places and thus influencing student life at the HWR Berlin.  
As a student of the Master’s programme Political Economy of European Integration, I know how diverse and creative ideas can be. Therefore, I would like to invite you to get in touch with me and get involved.  


Commissioner for HWR internal committee communication

Erja-Emely Scheffler

Hey, I’m Erja, in the first semester of FB1 at HWR Campus Schöneberg, my degree programme is Business Administration and I’m filling the position of committee communication inside. Together with other students in the AstA, I would like to improve and change points that are important to you in your studies.


Commissioners for higher education policy

Daniel Kourie

Hello, I’m Daniel and 20 years old. I’m currently studying business start-up and succession and I’m responsible for the university politics department in the AStA.

My main goal for this semester is to bring students closer together and maybe even get some of them interested in getting involved at our university.

I think that with good planning and purposeful, joint work, you can implement some cool projects at the HWR from which we as students can benefit in many ways.

I’m looking forward to working in the AStA and meeting new people.

Miguel Gongora

Kontakt: HoPo@AStA-HWR.de