About us

About us

AStA stands for Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss (General Student Committee). The AStA is elected every semester by the student parliament. The AStA is a university-wide institution that is organised and shaped by the students themselves. 

On the one hand, the AStA represents the interests of all students vis-à-vis the university policy bodies of the HWR, such as the university administration, the academic senate or the departmental councils. 

On the other hand, the AStA offers extensive advisory services for students, organises university sports and negotiates the semester ticket.

AstA stands for Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss (General Student Committee). The AstA is elected every semester by the student parliament. The AstA is a university-wide institution that is organised and shaped by the students themselves.

On the one hand, the AstA represents the interests of all students vis-à-vis the university policy bodies of the HWR, such as the university administration, the academic senate or the departmental councils.

On the other hand, the AstA offers extensive advisory services for students, organises university sports and negotiates the semester ticket.

Speakers of the AstA of the HWR

Chair of External

Miguel Góngora

My name is Miguel, I am 20 years old and am studying Law for Public Administration in my fifth semester.

In the third semester, I was responsible for the AStA department for university policy and afterward, in the previous semester, I was first AStA chairman for external affairs and then also the AStA chairman for internal affairs as well as law.

This semester, I will work to ensure that we, as AStA, implement our investment plan with the diversity, sustainability, sports and culture package, in addition to the study and social strategy, and the external and participation approach. 

Together with the entire AStA, I will fight to guarantee that the interests of our students are even more strongly represented in state politics. I will campaign for a “54-Euro Semester Ticket” and for the expansion of “Mental Health” services at Berlin’s universities. We want to achieve the reopening of “Café Geschmacklos” and establish that new formats for the development of self-efficacy can be lived at the HWR Berlin. Here we start with the establishment of an International Club.

With me, you have a strong voice for your rights and for a generation-fair policy. Feel free to contact me!

Chair of Internal

Max Rönicke

Hello, I’m Max Rönicke, 20 years old and I’m in my second semester of IBAEx here at the HWR.

Since 25.07 I am the new AStA chairperson of the interior and therefore not only take care of the operational business in the General Student Committee but also of communicating your wishes and ideas to the university.

As a new board member, I want to make sure that the packages and plans that have already been decided on to improve students’ lives are actually implemented, so that your life at the university becomes both fairer and more sustainable.

Another project that is close to my heart is the expansion of Cafe Geschmacklos as a place of entertainment for us students at the HWR.

You are welcome to contact me with ideas, criticism or questions by email!

Commissioner of Finance (Member of the Board)

Benjamin Fechner

Hello! My name is Ben, I am 21 years old and studying International Industrial Management at HWR Lichtenberg in my third semester.

During my corporate study program I discovered my interest in finance. I am going to use my practical as well as theoretical knowledge to represent, execute and support your interests. Together with the rest of the AStA Team we are going to develop an Investment plan for the upcoming period.

Feel free to contact me and bring up any ideas, criticism or questions! 

Commissioners for higher education policy and participation

Peter Schroeder (extended board of directors)


My name is Peter Schroeder, I am 19 years old and studying Business Informatics at HWR Lichtenberg in my second Semester.

In my role as a University policy officer, I am responsible for developing and implementing higher education policy projects. In addition to various discussions and negotiations, I am responsible for representing the interests of students at the HWR Berlin in particular. As a discussion-oriented person, it is important to me to implement the concerns of all students in cooperation with other university representatives.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me using the e-mail below or a personal exchange!

Marvin Mroßko

I am Marvin Mroßko,

and I am in my sixth semester of studying Public Administration Law. In my role as University Policy and Involvement Officer, I am committed to achieving the best possible outcome for students.

I am available to answer questions and take suggestions.

Meldrick Ruf


Meldrick Ruf is my name, i’m currently studying senior police service in the 6. Semester.

I’m here to stay and be there for all ur troubles.

Don’t be shy and reach out if there are any problems.

Commissioner for science policy and public relations

Hanno Schulz

Hello, my name is Hanno, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying Business Informatics dual in my second semester at the Lichtenberg Campus of the HWR.

I’m happy to be able to represent our student body to other universities, to maintain an exchange with the press, and to coordinate the state and national political activities of the AStA of the HWR.

We at the Department for Academic Policy and Public Relations can be reached at any time via the contact details below.

Commissioner for social and mobility

Leonard Ohl

Hello students of the HWR,

my name is Leonard Ohl. I’m 23 and I’m studying Public Administration in my third semester at the Lichtenberg campus.

I would like to ensure that we work towars university being a place that enables all students to get through their studies well and safely.

It is important to me to continue to make the HWR a place where everyone feels comfortable and no one is left alone. This means that financial hurdles are overcome together. This means that the semester ticket is affordable. And this means you’re looking forward to going to campus every day.

I am always happy to answer any ideas, questions or comments you may have!

Commissioner for studies, university development and facility management

Marla Bartosch

Hi, I’m the referent for studies, university development and quality management. I’m 19 and still a freshman, but from October on I’ll be in the second semester as an economics student at the HWR on CS.

If something is bothering you in the university or if you need help with something regarding your studies, just write to me or, if you see me, just approach. In the coming period I will try to give you more opportunities to participate and thus ensure that we as students can really use our right to participate in important decisions regarding our university. In addition, a few projects for better and fairer learning are in progress.

Mircea Pălășan

Hello, my name is Mircea Pălășan, I am 21 years old and I am a 4th semester student of IBAEx at the Schöneberg Campus.

In my role as Student Affairs, University Development and Facility Management Officer, I look forward to assisting you with any concerns you may have regarding the premises and your studies. I am pleased that Cafe Geschmacklos has become a popular meeting place where students can meet in a cosy atmosphere and enjoy delicious coffee at the same time.

For me, AStA is an opportunity to improve university life for all students. I am very eager to hear your ideas and how we can implement them together. Questions and criticism are also very welcome.

Commissioners of culture and sports

for campus Schöneberg
Emil Oehme

Hi, I’m Emil, I’m in my sixth semester of International Business Management at Campus Schöneberg and I’m happy to represent you again this semester.

Feel free to send me an email at any time regarding the topics of sports, culture and social issues at the Schöneberg campus or to contact me directly at the campus.

Questions or suggestions for possible changes are always welcome.

for Campus Lichtenberg
Gökdeniz Demir


my name is Gökdeniz Demir and I’m studying Economics at the HWR Berlin. I deal with the needs of the students regarding university sports and social affairs. My goal is to make the HWR Berlin attractive for students and to promote development through various projects.

Commissioner of International Affairs

Tarek Steckbeck

Hello there!

My name is Tarek Steckbeck, I am 24 years old and I am currently in my 7th semester of economics at the HWR. As a politically interested and discussion-oriented person, the representation of the student body at our university is essential to me. Therefore, I would like to stand up for the interests of my peers the same way I would hope them to stand up for me if the places were swapped.

Beyond that I am striving to act as a juncture between university and students. As the Social and International Affairs Officer, I would like to advocate for the needs of all international students at the HWR and help them to get settled as well as provide socialization opportunities. I am looking forward to bringing international students together with each other as well as with the German students.

In case of questions or suggestions feel free to contact me!

Commissioner of diversity and anti-discrimination

Josephine Dorn

Hello, my name is Josephine Dorn, I’m 20 years old and I’m a second semester law student at the Lichtenberg campus.

As the new Diversity and Anti-discrimination Officer, I want to stand up for marginalised groups and diversity.

For this, I will act as a trusted address for students’ concerns and complaints at eye level.
For the future, I would like to advocate for workshops and events on topics such as adultism, queerphobia and raising awareness of various forms of discrimination (including racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, classism, etc.).

Together, I hope to ensure discrimination-free teaching at the HWR for everyone and to stand up for each other as well. Please contact me via the email below in order to increase action and acceptance in our current and future environment.

Commissioner of sustainability and intergenerational justice

Lukas Kubitza

My name is Lukas, I am a dual student in International Service Management at the HWR and currently in the 2nd semester.

In my function as consultant for sustainability and intergenerational justice, I am committed to create a more valuable campus life for all of us through projects and measures.

I enjoy interacting with you and working together to create a sustainable foundation for us and future semesters.

Feel free to contact me by mail and/or become part of the Sustainability Club.

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