COVID-19 Infos

COVID-19 Infos

Financial support:

Grant for students in emergency situations from the Federal Government: Since 16 June 2020, you can apply for a bridging grant of EUR 100 to EUR 500 for the month of June 2020 on the below mentioned nationwide website. The bridging financial aid is initially available for the months of June, July and August, but you must apply for each month separately. The decisive factor is your bank account balance on the day before you submit your application. For example, if you still have 200 euros in your account, you can receive 300 euros in bridging financial aid for the month in which you apply. You can apply on the following website:

Interest-free student loan from the KfW: interest-free loan with monthly payments of € 100 to € 650 (depending on your need)

Semester ticket:

Here you will find the machines to update your CampusCard:

  • Campus Schöneberg: Main hall of house B
    Access via the courtyard, Badensche Straße 50-51, 10825 Berlin
  • Campus Lichtenberg: Foyer of house 1
    Old-Friedrichsfelde 60, 10315 Berlin

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