University Elections 2020

The election will take place online from 14-16.12.2020.

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Who is elected?

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Board of Trustees

  • Approval of the draft and adoption of the budget
  • Guidelines for budget and economic management
  • Enactment of fee statutes according to §2 paragraph 8
  • Establishment, change and cancellation of departments and other organizational units on the recommendation of the Academic Senate
  • Statement on university development and equipment plans
  • Number of student places: 1

Academic Senate

  • Decisions on fundamental issues affecting the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin as a whole
  • Elections of the members of the university management
  • Opinion on the draft budget
  • proposals for the establishment, change and dissolution of organizational units
  • Establishment and cancellation of study programs
  • Number of student places: 3

Student Parliament

  • Decisions on important issues of the student body
  • Elections of the AStA-representatives
  • determines what the student body contribution is spent on and how much this contribution is
  • Is divided into a Presidium (consisting of the President, a Vice-President and a Secretary), which chairs the meetings, and ordinary members
  • Number of student places: up to 30

Faculty and institute councils

  • Select the dean or director
  • Responsible for the orderly conduct of teaching and examinations
  • Coordinate teaching and research at the department or central institute
  • They decide for the study programs assigned to them e.g. curricula and module manuals as well as appointment proposals
  • Form examination boards and decentralized commissions, e.g. for research
  • Number of student places: 2

Dual commissions and expert commissions of the department 2

Dual Commission

  • Planning and development of the department
  • Establishment of new training areas and disciplines
  • Training and examination regulations
  • Principles of the contractual relationship between the students and the educational institution
  • Aptitude principles of the training centers
  • Principles of cooperation between the department and the training centers
  • Number of student places: 2

Expert commission of the department 2

  • Contact person for applications for teaching fee reductions, research semester and internship semester
  • In the positive case the commission expresses a promotion recommendation and forwards these to the Dekanat of the specialist area
  • The Dean decides on the granting of the scholarship after the Faculty Council has determined that it is compatible with the teaching
  • Number of student places: 1

Central Women’s Council

  • Is an elected body that supports and advises the gender equality policy work of the Women’s Representative
  • Represents the election body for the central women’s representative, whose term of office is four years
  • Consists of twelve members from all status groups of the university: three professors, three academic staff (lecturers), three students and three other employees (from administration and technology)
  • Anzahl der Studierendenplätze: 3

Departments and central institutes

  • The HWR Berlin has five departments and two central institutes
  • Students at the HWR Berlin can choose from a diverse portfolio of study programs
  • These are primarily offered at the five departments: Economics, Dual Study of Economics – Technology, General Administration, Administration of Justice, and Police and Security Management
  • The university also houses the Berlin Professional School, where the MBA and Master’s programs are combined, and the Institute for Administrative Modernization and Police Reform in Central and Eastern Europe (IMO)