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AStA Semesterticket Office

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AStA meetings schedule


Elections 2021

The scools elections for all committees will take place from June 21st until June 23, 2021 (Date is unknown). I want to candidate. How do I submit my candidacy?Which rules do I have to follow?What are…

Regulations for nominations

For which bodies can students nominate? You can find the most detailed information in the election announcement, but we have an overview here: You can only run for committees, support lists for these …

Submit nominations digitally

The lists with the candidates must be submitted digitally this year. For this purpose, the HWR has set up some rules and a procedure, which will be briefly described here: Nomination organizer of the …

Using MS Office online with the HWR-Account

If you need to work with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel oder OneNote, but you don’t own a Microsoft-Account or can’t install MS Office, you can use MS Office online with your HWR-Account. Go t…

I have a dream

You know when there are certain songs that remind you of your childhood? Imagine passing by a club and hearing Britney Spears tunes. Or dancing on ‘Hips don’t lie’ in house parties. This is what…


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