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Using MS Office online with the HWR-Account

If you need to work with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel oder OneNote, but you don’t own a Microsoft-Account or can’t install MS Office, you can use MS Office online with your HWR-Account. Go t…

I have a dream

You know when there are certain songs that remind you of your childhood? Imagine passing by a club and hearing Britney Spears tunes. Or dancing on ‘Hips don’t lie’ in house parties. This is what…

Holiday Break: 7 tips to make the most of it

The break between two semesters is approaching or for certain students like me is already happening. It represents for most of the students a relaxed period where they are free to do whatever they wan…

Uncertain Times

When I think about the beginning of 2020, I have to admit: I was naive. I thought all my dreams and goals will come true and that this year will be MY year. I bet, most of us felt the same way. I was …

The largest contributor with the least gain

MSME are micro, small and medium sized enterprises and are considered the backbone in any economy. The parameter of categorizing MSME differ across nations. In Europe, the main factors determining whe…


Campus Lichtenberg
AStA der HWR Berlin
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin
Raum 003 Gebäude 6a
030 30877-2590 (zu den Sprechstunden erreichbar)
Campus Schöneberg
AStA der HWR Berlin
Badensche Straße 50-51
10825 Berlin
Raum 1.21 Gebäude B
030 30877-1555 (zu den Sprechstunden erreichbar)
AStA der HWR Berlin
Badensche Straße 50-51
10825 Berlin
Raum 1.25 Gebäude B
030 30877-1551 (zu den Sprechstunden erreichbar)