April 2021

Regulations for nominations

For which bodies can students nominate? You can find the most detailed information in the election announcement, but we have an overview here: List of committees to be occupied by students Board of Trustees (Kuratorium) Academic Senate (Akademischer Senat) Students Parliament (Studierendenparlament) Council of department 1 (Fachbereichsrat 1 – Wirtschaftswissenschaften) Council of department 2 (Fachbereichsrat …

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Submit nominations digitally

The lists with the candidates must be submitted digitally this year. For this purpose, the HWR has set up some rules and a procedure, which will be briefly described here: Nomination organizer of the List Each list should designate an nomination organizer. This person will remind everyone of deadlines, organize the nominations and confirmations of …

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Using MS Office online with the HWR-Account

If you need to work with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel oder OneNote, but you don’t own a Microsoft-Account or can’t install MS Office, you can use MS Office online with your HWR-Account. Go to https://hwrberlinde-my.sharepoint.com Login with the E-Mail Adress HWR_USERNAME@hwr-berlin.de(For most students, this is s_surnameYY@hwr-berlin.de)Use @hwr-berlin.de, ever if your E-Mail Address ends on @stud.hwr-berlin.de …

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