Student groups

Student groups

Student groups

What are student groups?

University groups are student associations at colleges and universities that deal with specific topics or interests. They offer students the opportunity to get involved outside of their regular studies, to make new contacts and to deepen their skills and knowledge in a particular area.

University groups can exist for many different purposes. For example, political university groups can deal with current politics, cultural university groups can organize events and workshops, or subject-related university groups can offer the opportunity to work together with other students on certain subjects, professional fields, or similar. University groups can offer various activities, such as regular meetings, the organization of excursions, lectures, and much more.

You also have an idea for which you would like to found a university group? Then click on the link below or contact us with questions via! We are looking forward to your contribution!

University groups are an important addition to regular studies as they offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience, improve their soft skills and develop personally. They also provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration with other students, which contributes to an enriching and diverse study time.

Existing groups:
Logo International Club
International Club

International encounters, cultural exchange, extraordinary events and more await you in the latest initiative of the AStA of the HWR – the “International Club”. Whether you are a German, international or exchange student, the International Club offers a platform for anyone interested in new, unfamiliar, cultural or international topics. Become part of a dynamic community with members from all over the world and experience and organize trips, events and projects in the exciting metropolitan region of Berlin. From bar tours to museum visits, from planetariums to underground bunkers, from city tours to the Berlin countryside, there are no limits to your suggestions and ideas.

Designed to bring international students together with each other as well as with domestic students, the International Club is a help for all international students to settle in better in Germany and to make campus life more interesting for every student. If you have internationalism in your blood and are passionate about exchange and adventure, become a member of the International Club.

Main responsible: Tarek Steckbeck

Logo Sustainability Club
Sustainability Club

It is important for us to create a community where we can develop great brainstorming together to develop great, sustainable projects. We are currently in the process of launching the Uni Gardening project and are looking forward to beautifying the Lichtenberg campus. In the future, however, we are also planning vegan picnics, workshops, guest lectures and creative wine evenings.

Main responsible: Lukas Dominik Kubitza

Logo Muslim Students HWR
Muslim Students HWR

The Muslim Students HWR is a university community for Muslim students at the HWR. Its aim is to connect Muslim students among themselves, to fulfill their wishes and to represent their represent their interests. However, not only Muslim students are
welcome, but also any student who is interested in the values and goals of our group.

Main responsible: Ismail Sögüt

Pluralist Economics

Pluralist Economics is a student group that advocates for diversity in
economic thought and methodology. We promote interdisciplinary
approaches and advocate for a more inclusive and diverse economics
curriculum that exposes students to heterodox theories, such as
post-Keynesian, Marxian, feminist, and ecological economics. The group
aims to foster critical thinking, incorporate insights from various
schools of thought, and address real-world economic issues from multiple
perspectives. The Pluralist Economics group is committed to ensuring
that heterodox economics are given a permanent place in the economics
curriculum at the HWR.

Main responsible: Johanna Kaufmann

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