Student groups

Student groups

What are student groups?

University groups are student associations at colleges and universities that deal with specific topics or interests. They offer students the opportunity to get involved outside of their regular studies, to make new contacts and to deepen their skills and knowledge in a particular area.

University groups can exist for many different purposes. For example, political university groups can deal with current politics, cultural university groups can organize events and workshops, or subject-related university groups can offer the opportunity to work together with other students on certain subjects, professional fields, or similar. University groups can offer various activities, such as regular meetings, the organization of excursions, lectures, and much more.

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University groups are an important addition to regular studies as they offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience, improve their soft skills and develop personally. They also provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration with other students, which contributes to an enriching and diverse study time.

Existing groups:

Here you can see already existing university groups. If you want to register a new group, click here.

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