Queer Community


Do you identify as LGBTQI* or are you just happy to be there and want to be part of a community that sticks together?

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What we offer

Regular community events

QueerNightOut (a joint visit to a trendy bar followed by a visit to a club), Beer&Queer (a beer pong tournament), scene stroll (joint trip through the city), workshops, lectures, film screenings


Queer Buddy program for first semester students, visiting students from abroad and anyone who wants a Buddy: mentoring by Queer HWR students from higher semesters, who help new students to get started at the school with tips, advice and information and who are helpful with questions about the school, studies and career. In addition, our buddies help new students to integrate into the HWR Queer Community and give him/her an overview of leisure activities in the queer Berlin scene. If interested, then simply send a message to buddy@asta-hwr.de or register here as a Queer Buddy: