I volunteer as a Queer Buddy!

Queer Buddy program for freshmen, visiting students from abroad and students who simply want a Queer Buddy: Mentoring by queer HWR students from higher semesters, who help other queer students to get started at HWR Berlin by providing them with tips, advice, and information, and who assist with questions about the school, studies and career you may have. In addition, our Queer Buddies help other queer students to integrate into the HWR Queer Community and give them an overview of leisure activities in the queer scene of Berlin. Register today by submitting a form below!

Would you like to become a Queer Buddy for LGBTQI* first semester students or guest students from abroad? Then write a short e-mail to buddy@asta-hwr.de or fill out the form below. (We will gladly hand you out a certificate for your volunteer work.)

If an error message is displayed when sending, don't worry! Your registration will still arrive and we will get back to you within 72 hours!