We would like to introduce the project “Studi-hilft-Studi”:
This project was initiated by the student service of the HWR Berlin and the AStA. *

The goal is to bring students together so that they can support each other:

…then become a MENTEE!

…then become a MENTOR!
…then become MENTEE!
…then become MENTOR!

For your participation as a mentor you will also receive a certificate!

Tips and tricks for exam preparation, writing your term paper and bachelor thesis, mental health and much more can also be found on our Studi-Kanal:

Tandem - Student helps Student

Contact form

Contact us via the contact form! After entering your data, you will be contacted by us if we have a suitable match for you. In case of IT problems, for example, if you can’t find your study program, feel free to contact us at it@asta-hwr.de!

Choose here and ...

* The project is funded by the Senate Department of Science, Health, Care and Equality as part of the special program to address pandemic-related (learning) backlogs.

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