Department representatives

Department representatives

Our departmental representatives: a bridge between students and departments

The department representatives of the General Students’ Committee (AStA) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law are essential links between the students and the departments. Their main responsibility is to represent the interests of students, deal with subject-specific concerns and strengthen student participation in decision-making processes.

Tasks of our department representatives

– Representing the student body in the AStA vis-à-vis the departments
– Dealing with course-specific topics and challenges
– Supporting students with changes to examinations and study regulations in the department
– Participation in department council meetings to introduce student perspectives
– Participation in monthly meetings with the dean’s offices for continuous coordination
– Active participation in AStA meetings to integrate the departmental perspective

Requirements for our departmental representatives:

– Enrolled student at the Berlin School of Economics and Law
– Good communication skills and team spirit
– Reliable in the perception as well as preparation and follow-up of appointments
– Committed attitude to representing the interests of students

The department representatives of the AStA of the HWR receive a monthly expense allowance of up to €100.

The department representatives make a significant contribution to incorporating student perspectives into university decisions and optimizing the student experience for everyone.

Department 1

Portrait Tarek Steckbeck
Tarek Steckbeck


my name is Tarek Steckbeck, I am 24 years old and I am studying Economics at the HWR in the 7th semester.

Department 2

Portrait Lukas Kubitza
Lukas Kubitza

My name is Lukas and I am studying International Service Management in my 2nd semester at the HWR.

I am committed to making our campus life more valuable for all of us through projects and measures.

Department 3

Portrait Leonard Ohl
Leonard Ohl

Hello dear people of the HWR,

My name is Leonard Ohl. I’m 23 and I’m studying Public Administration in my third semester at the Lichtenberg campus.

Department 4

Marcel Gurt

My name is Marcel, I study law at the HWR.

My passion for political discussions and my conviction that the voice of the student body is crucial motivate me to stand up for the interests of my fellow students. As a mediator between the university and students, I endeavour to build a bridge.

Feel free to contact me by mail

Department 5

Portrait Oscar Guse
Oscar Guse

I’m Oscar Guse, 23 years old and I’m currently in the 6th semester of the advanced police service for Berlin.

In addition to my studies, I do a lot of weight training and martial arts and try to keep myself as physically fit as possible.

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