Exemption request

Since the semester ticket is a solidarity model and it can only work if the majority of students pay into the system, an exemption from the contribution is only possible in one of the following 8 exemption reasons.

Admissible reasons for exemption (according to the semester-ticket-regulations)

  1. chronic illness / disability
  2. semester abroad, if the student spends at least 3 consecutive months in one semester outside of Berlin for study-related reasons
  3. compulsory internship, if the student spends at least 3 consecutive months in one semester outside of Berlin for study-related reasons
  4. final thesis, if the student spends at least 3 consecutive months in one semester outside of Berlin for study-related reasons
  5. enrolled in a part-time or part-time (except for dual studies) professional study
  6. students with company tickets
  7. gap semester (“Urlaubssemester”)
  8. exmatriculation

Staying outside of Berlin – Which 3 criteria must be fulfilled for my application for exemption to be considered?

  1. stay of at least 3 consecutive months in one semester
  2. study-related stay
  3. stay outside of Berlin (ticket zone ABC)

What you should know before filling out the demand for exemption form?

When should I submit my exemption request?

The semester ticket fee must first be paid normally for the respective semester and can then be refunded later. In order to be able to submit all proofs in due time, you should submit the application at least 2 months before the beginning of the respective semester.

Until when can I apply for the exemption in order to receive a full refund of the fee?

You must submit your application as well as all required proofs before the beginning of the semester (see certificate of enrolment for exact start date).

How much of the paid semester ticket fee will I get back?

The semester ticket fee (currently 193.80 €) is refunded

  • entirely, if all supporting documents were submitted before the start of the semester.

  • partially, if recquired documents were submitted late, i.e. during the course of the semester (deduction of 1/6 per month of delay).

Date of submission of all necessary documents (including updated CampusCard) prior to the beginning of the term in the 1. month of the term in the 2. month of the term in the 3. month of the term in the 4. month of the term in the 5. month of the term in the 6. month of the term
Amount refunded 193,80€ (100%) 161,50€ 129,20€ 96,90€ 64,60€ 32,30€ 0€

Why do I only receive a pro-rata refund for late submission of supporting documents?

Because this is contractually regulated with the public transport provider VBB and you could theoretically continue to use the CampusCard as a ticket until you have validated it at the vending machine at HWR (at the request of the Semtix office after processing the application) and submitted photos of the validated CampusCard. You must also validate your CampusCard before you start a semester abroad or similar, as you could theoretically have left it with a similar-looking friend* in Berlin, who would then use it as a ticket.

When will I receive the refund?

Due to the currently high number of applications and requests, the processing can take several weeks. The HWR will then make the payment. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the processing time of the HWR.

When should I perhaps waive an exemption request even though I have a valid reason for exemption?

For example, if you are in Dublin for 3.5 months for a semester abroad and you get a semester ticket and then come back to Berlin after the 3.5 months, you will not have a semester ticket for the remaining 2.5 months. Therefore, you will have to buy train tickets every day, which might be more expensive for you than if you had not been exempted and therefore had a valid semester ticket. However, you have to make this calculation for yourself and decide wisely.

Evidence required for the various reasons for exemption:

Reason 1 – chronic illness / disability: Specialist medical certificate with stamp and contact information of the specialist, if necessary, disability card

Reason 2 – Semester broad: Certificate provided by the SemTix office with stamp and signature of the respective partner university

Reason 3 – Compulsory internship outside of Berlin: Compulsory internship contract stamped with the stamp of the practice office of the HWR Berlin, signature of the company and the intern, study plan if applicable (FB 2)

Reason 4 – Final thesis outside of Berlin: Registration and confirmation of the HWR Berlin for the final thesis and proof of study-related absence

Reason 5 – Part-time studies: study or matriculation certificate of the HWR Berlin

Reason 6 – Gap term (“Urlaubssemester”): Approval of the gap semester by the HWR Berlin

Reason 7 – Company ticket: copy of the company ticket indicating your name

Reason 8 – Exmatriculation: Exmatriculation certificate of the HWR Berlin & if necessary revocation of the admission


The proofs are mandatory! Applications without the complete required proofs will not be processed further. If we do not have the necessary proof, this is also a reason for a rejection of your request!

Submit Exemption Request


You have read through everything in peace and quiet and can assure that one of the 8 reasons for liberation is given in your case? Then fill out the following application, sign it and send it together with your certificate of enrolment and the relevant proofs (see below) to semtix@asta-hwr.de

Without proof of a CampusCard with the semester ticket removed from the card and without a certificate of enrolment, no refund of the semester ticket fee can be made!