About us

About us

What does the AStA do?

The General Students’ Committee, commonly known as AStA, plays a crucial role in representing the interests and concerns of students at a university. The responsibilities of AStA are diverse, aiming to enhance the overall university experience for students. Here are some key areas that the AStA covers:

  1. Student Advocacy: AStA acts as a voice for the student body, advocating for their rights and interests. This includes addressing issues such as academic policies, tuition fees, and other matters affecting student welfare.

  2. Cultural and Social Events: AStA is often involved in organizing cultural and social events on campus. These events create a sense of community among students and contribute to a vibrant campus life.

  3. Providing Services: AStA may offer various services to students, ranging from legal advice to counseling services. These services aim to support students in navigating the challenges of university life.

  4. Representation in Committees: AStA members actively participate in university committees, ensuring that student perspectives are considered in decision-making processes. This representation helps bridge the gap between students and the administration.

  5. Publication of Information: AStA is responsible for disseminating important information to the student body. This can include updates on academic policies, upcoming events, and other relevant news.

  6. Support for Student Initiatives: AStA supports student-led initiatives, clubs, and organizations. This assistance can be in the form of funding, logistical support, or guidance in navigating administrative processes.

By actively engaging in these areas, AStA contributes significantly to the student experience, making it an essential component of university life.

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