Welcome to our merchandise!

In the past years we were able to release two collections.

The first collection was our “classic HWR collection”, in which you could buy clothes in the typical HWR style.

After this collection, we were able to release the long-awaited diversity collection with the help of your feedback. With these newly developed designs, you were able to shine in the diversity hoodies and shirts.

Diversity is of central importance to us because we firmly believe that every person is unique and brings their own story, culture and perspective to the table. Through the diversity collection, we want to send a message of inclusion and respect for all people. Our aim is to create garments that are not only stylish, but also provide a platform to celebrate and support diversity. In a world characterized by differences, we want to stand together for openness, acceptance and equality.

In order not to neglect the sustainability factor, collective orders will only be placed after all orders have arrived and will be sent to your home at once.

Updates on new merchandise can be found here!

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