Register student group

Register student group

Foundation rules

Welcome to our registration page for university groups! To register your university group on our website, we ask you to fill out the form below, following the rules below:

Make sure all information, including description and contact details, is up to date. Update them regularly to keep interested parties informed. Contact us in this regard by mail at:

Here you can find the rules of procedure of the AStA. Note the rules for university groups described in §42 to $44. Do not post offensive, discriminatory, defamatory or illegal content. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate content or block groups that violate these rules.

By following these rules, you help to keep our website a trustworthy and informative platform for university groups. Thank you for your cooperation!

How to register a university group

In order to register your university group on the AStA site, you must first enter all required data in the registration form below. After submitting the form, we will verify the data and then publish your university group on our website.

If you have additional questions or concerns, or have a logo and/or video for your college group, please email us at with the college group name in the subject line. Remember to communicate with us from your student email address.

Add contact details so that interested people can reach you. This can be, for example, an email address, phone number or social media.
Choose a meaningful and unique name for your university group. Avoid discriminatory, offensive or misleading names.
Give a precise description of your university group. Explain what goals, activities or events your group offers. Make sure the description is informative and easy to understand.
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