Studiteer – The Volunteer Program of the Students’ Union of HWR Berlin

Let’s be honest: on lecture-free days or after two weeks of semester break at the latest, the feeling of absolute uselessness can no longer be suppressed. So why not use the free time sensibly?

In addition to the university, there are a number of institutions such as associations and non-profit organizations that rely on volunteer work. Discover the various possibilities to volunteer for the benefit of your society. The offers range from homework help, German courses for refugees, to support in public relations and event organization or food distribution.

An honorary position is not a one-way street

If you invest your time and skills, you also get something in return: In addition to the gratitude of the people and the certainty of doing something meaningful, you can gain valuable social and professional skills that will help you in your further (professional) life.

The Students’ Union or the following volunteer agencies and placement services will be happy to advise you on the search and selection of a suitable volunteer position for you:

Volunteer agency for the district of Schöneberg

Volunteer agency for the district of Lichtenberg

An overview of the volunteer agencies in all Berlin districts can be found here:

Students’ Union of Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin)

Send an e-mail to: 

A selection of clubs and NGOs where you can get started directly can be found here:

Berliner Tafel

Do you have any questions about the volunteer program, about specific volunteer positions or would you like to be listed here with your organization? Please feel free to send us a message to: