Tasks of the AStA

Overview in the schedule of responsibilities (Geschäftsverteilungsplan)

On this page we would like to introduce you to the basic tasks of the individual AstA departments. Basically, all tasks of the AstA staff and the speakers are listed in detail in the AstA’s schedule of responsibilities. The complete overview can be found here:

Overview of the individual AstA departments

Chair for Exterior

  • Representation of the AStA to the public (internal/external) and the press
  • Welcoming new students
  • Digitization & Internationalization

Chair for Interior

  • Coordination of internal processes
  • Proper invitation to the meeting of the AStA
  • Chairing the meetings of the AStA
  • Consulting SemTix
  • Execution and signing of contracts
  • Negotiation and supervision of compliance with the agreements of cooperation with other institutions and organizations

Recommendation: German at a very good level (mind. B2)

Finance (FIN)

  • Preparation and implementation of the budget
  • Ongoing record keeping and regular updates on finances (at least 1x in writing for Moodle course)
  • Preparation and execution of orders for disbursements
  • Order and booking of personnel matters


  • Point of contact for students with personal and university-related concerns related to sustainability.
  • Coordination of the Uni Gardening project
  • Responsibility for the Sustainability Club
  • Creating new projects and organizing new events that promote sustainable action and awareness at HWR

Social Units (Diversity Departement, Department for International Affairs and Department of Culture/Sports)

The three social units are each staffed with one commissioner.

Main responsibility

  • Initiation of events for students
  • Planning of a kick-off event and a closing event
  • Contact point for personal and study-related problems
  • Advice on examination matters

Diversity Departement

  • Responsible for the topic of tolerance and diversity in society
  • Responsibility for women, LGBTI, anti-discrimination and other gender equality related issues
  • Queer Community & Queer Buddy Program
  • Responsibility for the HWR Queer Community
  • Planning events (queer meetups, bar hopping, themed lectures, …) in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Sports and Events
  • Management of the HWR Queer Buddy Program

    Recommendation: German at a very good level (mind. B2)

Department for International Affairs

  • Projects for international students
  • Exchange with the international students
  • Cooperation with the International Office and the Language Department of the HWR
  • Co-responsibility for public relations, in particular for the management of social media channels
  • Supervision of the International Club (application, events, etc.)

Department of Culture and Sports


  • Planning, organization and implementation of cultural offers and events
  • On CL & CS: organization of ERSTI events and mulled wine giveaway at Christmas.


  • Integration of new sports (requests to clubs, creating new offers, etc.)
  • Organization of tournaments and sporting events
    Cooperation with the university sports officer

Recommendation: German at a very good level (mind. B2)

University Policy and Public Relations

The department will be staffed with two officers.

University Politics

  • Educate students about university politics and provide general advice to those active in university politics in their work
  • Establishing a trusting relationship with the teaching staff and the administration of the HWR Berlin
  • Networking with other universities and student bodies (especially the other ASten).
  • General representation of the AStA at the LAK
  • Responsible for the subject area of studies and teaching as well as their quality assurance

Public Relations

  • Mainly responsible for the organization, announcement and production of the student publication from the AStA for students (among others semester publication
  • Responsible for sending out circular emails to the overall student distribution list, including soliciting topics for the newsletter and for content for social media from speakers (event announcements, surveys, changes, etc.)
  • Respond to inquiries via social media in consultation with the External Affairs Chair
  • Post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in consultation with the Exterior Chair

Committee communication

  • Maintaining contact with the university administration, in particular, the committee representative and committee chairs
  • Educate students about university politics and provide general advice to those active in university politics in their work.
  • Advertise for vacant offices
  • Maintaining contact with student representatives in the university committees (bringing student opinions into the committees and disseminating information)
  • Networking with other universities and student bodies (especially the other ASten)

    Recommendation: German at a very good level (mind. B2)

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