Anti-Discrimination Act (LADG)

At the beginning of June, the state’s anti-discrimination law came into force and Berlin will be the first state government in Germany to explicitly provide protection against the following discrimination by schools, administrations or the police:

  • on the basis of gender
  • ethnic origin
  • a racist and anti-Semitic attribution
  • religion and belief
  • a disability
  • a chronic disease
  • of age
  • of the language
  • sexual and gender identity
  • of social status

This is accompanied by a shift in the burden of proof against the accused authorities, who are thus obliged to justify themselves. In addition, an ombudsman’s office is to be set up to provide advice and assistance to people who have been discriminated against.
You can find more information on the official website. Please share this so that people affected are encouraged to make use of it. [only German, but we are happy to help translate]

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