Student elections – schedule

May 23 (Mon) – StuPa information event The StuPa information event will take place at 4:00 p.m. (in German) and at 6:00 p.m. (in English). You received the invitation link via email.You can’t come, no problem. The event will be recorded. May 30 (Mon) – Submission of nominations The nominations must be submitted to the …

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Compensation for disadvantages (“Nachteilsausgleich”)

Students can suffer disadvantages during their studies if they are ill or disabled. For such cases there are the regulations of the disadvantage compensation. When granting compensation for disadvantages, the aim is to achieve equality with other students. You can find more information about disadvantage compensation here: https://www.hwr-berlin.de/studium/beratung/studium-mit-behinderung-oder-chronischer-erkrankung/nachteilsausgleich/ If you have any questions, please contact …

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Lockers at the Lichtenberg Campus

At the Lichtenberg campus, lockers are available for rent in building 6B. A deposit of 20 euros is required to rent a locker. This deposit will be returned when the locker is returned in a clean and functional condition. There are no further costs. The rental is always for one year. If you are interested, …

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Grants for graduation ceremonies, study trips or projects

The AStA has the possibility to subsidize graduation parties, study trips or social and international projects. The exact conditions can be found in the grant statutes. You can download them here: Unfortunately, the grant regulations are currently only available in German. Nevertheless, our AStA advisors will be happy to help you with the translation and …

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Project sei:dabei

Be part of the network for voluntary support of refugees with disabilities!Become a mentor and support your tandem partner once a week in learning German and arriving in Berlin.We offer: Workshops, supervision and support from the project team. You can find more information here.

AstA-Elections 04.10.2021

Elections will be held on 04.10. Apply at https://asta-hwr.de/bewerbung-zur-wahl/  What are the advantages of joining the AStA? You are in the AstA for all the concerns of the students You have the opportunity to influence the university and the teaching  You are the first to know how it goes on with attendance events and can even influence it! …

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Using MS Office online with the HWR-Account

If you need to work with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel oder OneNote, but you don’t own a Microsoft-Account or can’t install MS Office, you can use MS Office online with your HWR-Account. Go to https://hwrberlinde-my.sharepoint.com Login with the E-Mail Adress HWR_USERNAME@hwr-berlin.de(For most students, this is s_surnameYY@hwr-berlin.de)Use @hwr-berlin.de, ever if your E-Mail Address ends on @stud.hwr-berlin.de …

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I have a dream

You know when there are certain songs that remind you of your childhood? Imagine passing by a club and hearing Britney Spears tunes. Or dancing on ‘Hips don’t lie’ in house parties. This is what I am reminded of when I read these words – ‘I have a dream’.  It is the titular song from …

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