The election for AStA and SFK

Election for AStA/SFK

Election for AStA/SFK

The AStA of the HWR consists of 15 departments.

  • 6 board departments: Chair for External Affairs (1), Chair for Internal Affairs (1), Board member for Finance and Legal Affairs (1), Board member for University Policy and Participation (1), Board member for Science Policy and Social Affairs (1), Board member for Human Resources and IT (1)
  • 9 additional departments: University policy and Participation (1); Public relations (1); Science policy and University communication (1); Studies, University development and Quality management (2); Facility management (1); Sports and Culture (1); International affairs and Cooperation (1); Diversity and anti-discrimination (1); Sustainability and Intergenerational justice (1)

Information about the departments of the AStA can be found here: Tasks of the AstA

After your application, someone from the previous AStA will contact you and give you more information about the election. The election usually takes place during the regular sessions of the student parliament. You can find the information in the Moodle course “University Politics of the Student Body

Apply for an AStA officer position

Information about you and why you are applying

Application for the student departmental committees (SFK).

A SFK represents the special interests of the student members of the department within the framework of the tasks of the student body. In particular, it is to advise students in matters of study, teaching and examinations and represent the interests of the students vis-à-vis the university and the department. In addition, it is responsible for the special support of students in the first semester as well as the student representation and organizational structures (course groups, year groups) within the department.

You can find more information on the page “Student self-administration”.

Information about you and why you are applying
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